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Quality Outsourced Live Chat Support

Feel like you could use a good live chat support? Want to increase sales? We can help your business recover and make your clients happy by delivering excellent customer care services. We are one of the best live chat service providers offering our solutions to global organizations.

What’s our approach?

For many years of our work, we have saved lots of businesses from failure caused by insufficient customer care system including poor live customer support. And in every case, we developed unique strategies efficient in particular environment and for specific clients’ needs. This is exactly what we are going to do for your company if you outsource live chat customer service to us.

Why we and no other live chat service providers?

Our company has a wealth of experience in providing quality e-mail, call center and live chat answering services for websites, small companies, and big enterprises. Our professionalism and personalized approach yields results every time we set to work.

Feel the benefits of working with us:

  • Well-trained chat staff experience in managing live chat requests.
  • Live support solution that perfectly suits your client needs.
  • 24 hour 7-day working schedule.
  • Cost-effective service that lets you save on system maintenance and training staff.
  • Tracking website activity and clear analytics.
  • Proven sales boost, increase of customer loyalty and satisfaction rates.

Live chat management is our strength

We operate live chats on dozens of websites. We have traveled this path backward and forward. Do not hesitate to outsource live chat operators. A professional support team of JEDISUPPORT is always here to unburden you from the activity you do not specialize in.

Why is our live chat customer service so vital for your business?

Today, when it goes about customer support live chat becomes No.1 users’ choice. It has a range of advantages over other channels that clients use to engage with business. It is quick, serves customers in real time and can be a powerful tool to convert users into buyers or satisfy requests of standing clients. However, launching and running live support system requires financial investments and staff resources.


We can solve problems

Why outsource live chat support to us?

Affordable telemarketing services prices: our outbound telemarketing prices will help you save costs and effectively raise your sales.

Vast experience: over years, we have realized that the most important thing for the growing business is adaptability and highly-personal approach to each case.

Real professionals: our telesales outsourcing team can literally handle any call. They are skilled and trained to provide best B2B telemarketing services, B2B cold calling, and other related services at the professional level. Cold call companies and cold calling businesses often fail to connect each customer in the most efficient way, however, due to our approach and strategies, we are able to deliver individual support to each of your clients.

Outsource to us. Thousands already have!

We are looking forward to many exciting projects with our new and existing partners!

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