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Step 1

Solution Design

Master Jedi spends time with you to understand your business needs, shares best practices and designs a solution unique to your requirement and Budget.

Step 2

Process Design

Based on the agreed solution - the master Jedi works with you to design the process with flowchart, swim lanes, structure, methods, tools, knowledge base, FAQ, call and message scripts.

Step 3

Success Training

All Jedi that work on your project are trained to understand your business and get familiar with outcome expectations. This ensures that we are set for success.

Step 4


The Project Manager and Jedi agents then combine support solutions with your business processes to designed solution. They run one week in parallel with your team.

Step 5

Go live

On agreed timeline, our Jedi start running the show for customer success and partner success on their own. Master Jedi monitors KPIs and shares weekly or fortnightly improvement calls.

Outsource, improve, succeed.

With JediSupport, the outsourcing process is fast, personalised, and results driven.