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Frontline Support

Outsourcing services

Inbound calls

Struggle to streamline your inbound call process? Stop wrestling with it. Instead choose a flexible and functional call centre at JediSupport. Our specially trained agents will resolve your customers' issues in a rapid resolution mode, creating a happy customer ! Choosing us means that you will strengthen relationships with your customers, save time, reduce operational costs, and naturally boost revenue.

Feedback calls

Do you struggle to find an efficient tool to manage your customers’ feedback? If you want to make the most out of your business and fight off the competition, you should know everything about your buyers and their needs. JediSupport knows the best ways to get customer feedback, analyse, and manage it. Stay on top of what your customers think with our accurate surveys!

Up selling & Cross Selling

Selling products associated with your customer's’ original purchase is a no-brainer for any business. This only can be made through a set of wise strategies. Our agents will help your clients realise their needs and make an additional purchase. We leverage proven methods, tactics and strategies that are destined to generate more revenue for your business.

E-mails (helpdesk)

Swamped by incoming emails from your clients? There is a way out. Email support at JediSupport is your chance to save time and get all customers' requests fulfilled fast and in a professional manner. From choosing a platform to manage your correspondence to writing personalised emails - we’ve got you covered. Our effective responses will soften the blow of your clients’ daily issues.

Live Chat

Feel like you could use a good live chat support? You know, the one that could work all hours of the night and on weekends? If that’s what you need, than JEDISUPPORT would be the most comprehensive choice. It is quick, serves customers in real time and can be a powerful tool to convert users into buyers!

Dedicated agent

A high-quality dedicated agent service not only reduces costs, but also helps you gain a good reputation and build brand trust. Ready-made solutions of dedicated customer service help you navigate the customers deluge and are extremely helpful for both small and large businesses that are interested in the rapid deployment of flexible solutions and getting a fully equipped office without special expenses.

Business Process Outsourcing: 

The growth of technology and globalisation have changed the business operations and created new opportunities for business development on the world market. Business process outsourcing(BPO) is also evolving with technology and bringing innovations into all aspect of business activity.

The BPO trend is gaining traction. Its effectiveness motivates more and more entrepreneurs to delegate control of the specific business processes to a professional business process outsourcing companies such as JediSupport.

Why we’re one of the best business process outsourcing companies

At our company, we offer a full range of innovative and cost-effective business process outsourcing (BPO) services to help you focus on the primary goals while we’re taking care of the rest. Our professional team does more than manage some of your business processes. We do our best to improve them, test the unknown strategies, make your sales grow and help your company being successful.

Our specialists know essentials of business process outsourcing and always keep track of the latest practices in this sphere. Before building a winning strategy for your company, they make a detailed analysis of your customers’ needs and conduct research depending on your requirements. We strive to treat your business as our own and provide you with BPO business process outsourcing solutions that work.

Just hire our company as your back office business process outsourcing provider and get access to numerous amazing benefits. Because of our personalized approach, we guarantee you get highly-efficient service. Achieve the most fabulous results without any efforts on your part.

Business process outsourcing call center and other services

Here at JEDISUPPORT, we have a team of highly qualified experts who allow us to be the leading provider of business processing outsourcing. Whether you are a small firm or a big company, you have found the best partner. Let’s see what we offer.

Our top business process outsourcing company offers a full range of services including:

  • Photo Retouching
  • Digital Transcription
  • Lead Generation
  • E-commerce tagging
  • Data Research
  • Telemarketing

Need help with a specific business process? Outsource it to our team! We have proven experience and all needed technologies to deliver unmatched services at the reasonable price.


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